the City

Amsterdam has many faces. Everyone knows about the 165 canals, the 1281 bridges, the more than half million bicycles, the flower market, Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. But beyond that, the city also offers a sparkling nightlife and excellent shopping. You have a choice of various galleries and over 44 museums. There is a market or flea market to visit every day. Amsterdam has it all (


Look for the quiet places like Our Dear Lord in the Attic, a small hidden church dating from the 17th century in the heart of the red light district. Go for a run in the Vondelpark, then enjoy a caramel stroopwafel afterward at Holland’s biggest daily market – the Albert Cuyp. Don’t forget to ask the lady of the house at Fleur d’Amsterdam for up-to-date information about exhibitions. Only 25 kilometers from the city are the wonderful windmills ( see picture of the mills in the Schermer), taken on a early morning in April by Jim Plasman.